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11 Benefits of Reading Books: Why you should start reading now

I have been recommending books to read but today, we will be talking about the benefits of reading those books.  When was the last time you read a book? Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health. There are so many benefits of reading books but I will be sharing with you all, the 11 benefits of reading books and why you should start reading now.

I am a book lover and I love reading a lot. Books can vary from motivational books, inspirational books, fictional books etc. These benefits are not limited to some specific kinds of books but to all books.

The 11  Benefits of reading books are:

1. Reading improves your vocabulary

Reading improves your vocabulary, because when you are reading, you will come across different words. And sometimes you come across the same word in different books, which will make your brain to automatically retain such words. Researcher has found out that students who read regularly tend to have larger vocabularies than those who doesn’t. The more books you read, the more words you come across and the wider your vocabulary gets. Vocabulary size can influence many aspects of our life: job opportunities, college exams etc.

2. Readers have higher income

Those who spend their time reading books, acquires more knowledge and information that can help them in their field or profession or even in their career. This is true because readers tend to have more information than those who don’t read. The more they read books the more they are well equipped about the topic they are reading. When one has enough information about how to make something work well, doesn’t that person have the ability to earn higher? the answer is Yes! They have the ability to earn higher.

3. Reading increases your general knowledge

I learnt  a lot about America by reading a novel called ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Reading increases your knowledge about things. The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face. Everything you read, fills your head with bits of information and you never know when that might come in handy. Remember that knowledge cannot be taken away from you.

4. Decreases depression

Reading keeps you busy that it makes you escape from every sad thoughts you had. Doctors and experts recommends patients or people with depression to read self-help books, because reading self-help books can allow patients with depression to better understand themselves and their symptoms and the issues they are facing.

5. Enhances your imagination and creativity

Reading books can make you become very creative. Reading is one of the best ways to foster imagination. The more we read, the more we can be open to new ideas and have an understanding of new things. Reading helps us practice imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while the reader manipulates the picture in the mind.

It encourages creativity, which brings about new ideas. It also takes a huge part in innovation. Without imagination, people wouldn’t be able to come up with new inventions and new ideas that help advance society. It also pushes discovery and understanding.

6. Reading helps you know more about culture

Reading helps you to know more about people even without  physically meeting them. You can travel to a country and know about that country by just reading about it. You can know the peoples way of life, the way they behave and the way they lead their life by just reading. (Not hundred percent about them).

7. Enhances your brain and mind

Reading books makes you intelligent. It enhances your brain and mind in the form of thinking and understanding. By concentrating on the words and the storyline, it stimulates your brain and cognitive functions. This particular stimulation can help sharpen your mind, especially the part of the brain that is responsible for concentration and critical analysis. Reading sharpens this part of the brain. This sharpening of the mind will eventually heighten your focus when concentrating on something important.

8. Helps your writing

Ever heard ” a reader is a writer”? A writer who reads tends to write better than the ones who don’t read. Reading can help you learn the styles and themes of other author and help to improve your own style. Reading about the writing of others, is a great tool, especially if you enjoy writing.

9. Reduces stress

Once you start reading, you will start to focus, not on your stress, but on the happenings in the book. Reading lowers your stress level, and makes you feel better mentally and physically. The act of reading and focusing on the written word can help relieve your mind of anxiety and the pressures of the day. By pulling your mind away from the stress at hand, you can relax and let the stress melt away. Reading can help solve the issues that stress causes by allowing your mind and body to relax.

10. Motivates and inspires you

Reading motivational and inspirational books helps to motivate and inspire you. Reading such books can activate that part of you that you felt was dead into taking actions again. Reading books motivates and inspires you when you feel weak and defeated.

11. Prepares you for a good night rest

Reading in a place not your bed can help you prepare for a good night rest and even make you sleep well. In this case, reading a print book is advisable here. Do not read on your phone because of the light it emits that can cause unwanted health issues.


The benefits of reading books are not limited to just these 11 benefits. There are so many benefits of reading books, which is why I’m encouraging you to start reading now. What books have you read? What book are you reading now? And what book do you like reading? Let’s get busy in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

Start reading now!

Thanks for reading this too. CLICK HERE to choose a book to start reading.



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