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There are lots of benefits and reasons why you should visit the orphanage but the most important reason for doing that is to be human.

Yes! To be human.

 Albert Schweitzer said “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others”.

And the bible said in James 1:27 “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” As a religious person from any religion be it: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism  it is written somewhere in there various scriptures on  how visiting the orphans is a religious thing to do.

Visiting the orphanage can help change your perspective towards life, it can inspire you to become a better person

This feeling for me comes naturally when you visit the orphanage, you will see the other way of life. You will understand how lucky you are, how blessed you are to have found a place you call home and have people who you associate with and who are always there for you. It will make you understand that life is indeed deep.

An evidence of this was during my first year in higher institution I hosted a show, during the show I talked about how important it is for people to visit the orphanage. My classmates and I decided to make a group tour to the orphanage near our institution.  After the visitation that day, some of my classmates turned a new leaf and some thanked me because it was actually their first time visiting the orphanage. They were so grateful and in their word “the orphanage has changed my perspective about life”. From that time onwards, some of them made it their task to visit the children there at least once in two months while some once in a month.

When we visited, we didn’t just go, gave them things and left but rather, we spent quality time with them: washed their clothes, swept the place and played with the children.

Visiting the orphanage will make you realize that materialistic things doesn’t give happiness

When you visit the children you will realize that some of them has so many things in their possession but yet they are not happy. Their happiness comes from the love you show them, the quality time you spend with them, the morals and values you impact in them while teaching them and how often you visit them.

    Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Norman MacEwen

Visiting the orphanage reminds you how much blessing you have in your possession

Do you know that parents are blessing from God? Well! Some people don’t know how blessed they are to have people they call parent, to have a place they call home and people they call family. When you visit the children and see how they stay, how they feel when you are leaving them, the way they talk and wish they had parents, I promise you, if you don’t value your parents before, you must turn a new leaf.

Visiting the orphanage will show you the value of love

Some of us don’t believe there is something called love, love has been in existence long before we were born or even created. When you visit the children and see the love in their eyes, how they value and cherish your presence, you will no longer doubt the existence of love. That is if you don’t believe the scripture when it said “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son John 3:16” . You will learn the importance and value of love when you visit these children.

Visiting the orphanage will attract more blessings to you

God has a special likeness for the orphans, he fights for them and answers their prayers. When you visit these children, there are blessings that are attached to it and you will see those blessings in your life. I have been blessed by God and I assure you that you must be blessed like me when you go and visit the orphanage with an open mind.

Visit to an orphanage, increased the worth of life how bright is our life yet we are deprived. How dark are their nights yet they are satisfied. Prachi Dubey


My mother once told me that there are three ways one can help the orphans:

  1. Telling people about the orphans and encouraging them to go and visit them
  2. Going to visit them yourself
  3. Making donations and helping them out.

With the above points of mine, I hope you will consider going to visit them soonest and if you have already started “THANK YOU” and please do not stop and please keep telling people about them.

If you don’t mind I would love to hear your own views about visiting the orphanage if you have visited them before and if you haven’t visited them yet, I would love to know when you intend visiting them in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for visiting them!

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  1. True, this is beautiful ❤❤
    We were made to serve,you can’t serve yourself alone and find true happiness.
    Thank you

  2. I’ve actually visited one. When a friend of mine celebrated her birthday at the orphanage. It was really fun and worthwhile. I loved the fact that we all played games together, interacted, shared the word of God and watched a Christian movie together. And everyone was able to share their views.
    At the end, we gave them their gift items and received a prayer reward from them as usual.

    I even made friends with one of the orphans. She said she likes and would want to be my friend. Without hesitating, I said YES to her request. You needed to see her sweet smile. And then she hugged me. She was with me all through.

    When it was time for us to leave the orphanage, she held my hands so firm and she said to me…”Auntie pls I want to go with you”. I felt for her and wished I could take her with me, considering the fact that I had no sister of my own and I needed one. But I can’t.
    Although, I assured her that I’ll be coming frequently to see them, especially her. I could see traces of tears in her eyes when I was saying those words . She immediately gave me a warmth hug and kisses.
    I felt really sad.

    Nevertheless, the visitation was worth it……

    • I was close to tears when I was reading your comment. It’s a sad one but I’m happy you do go and visit her often.
      Keep up with the good works Chetanna
      Thanks for reading

    • This is so touching.. Definitely had to be the hardest thing to say no to her.. Thank you for reassuring her

    • I actually love kids but I haven’t ever thought of going to the orphanage before.. I ‘d have to add this to my bucket list.. Thank you Ella for this timely reminder.. So thoughtful of you to write about this

  3. After my first visit to the orphanage that was when I realized the precious gift life has given me, a lovely family and a place to call a home, no matter the life challenges I will count myself lucky to have family around that cares for me, I went home thanking God for such wonderful gift.

    • Wow! This is nice. I’m glad you learnt a lesson there and also applying it to your life. Don’t stop going there. Keep it up Mma
      Thanks for reading.

  4. Good piece as usual. Little things we do could mean the whole world to others. Those visitation could mean everything to those kids. Each time I visit, I feel emotional though I tend to hide it.

    • I also feel very emotional whenever I visit them, sometimes the tears won’t let me pretend but will just flow freely.
      “Little things mean a lot”
      Thanks for reading Christian

  5. This is nice. we are reminded to be grateful for the little things. Money is not everything. we also appreciate life more.

  6. Wonderful insight ❤️❤️, actually I have not been to a motherless babies home on my own but am very sure I will soon be part of this blessing that comes from visiting these wonderful children.

  7. It all feels like they r all alone in the world,
    Waiting for someone to love them … Touching n never payed a visit to d orphanage home …..hey Ella good write up.

  8. great piece, I invite everyone to give it a try even if it just means to show up, but once this habit is acquired. its fruits gonna be so sweet.
    Ella, thanks a bunch, for sharing this

  9. Thanks for sharing you remind me off what I have been neglecting all these while it has been long I visited may God grant us the grace to do the needful always.

    • Amen Henjeezy
      Put more effort and try to remember to make time to go and visit them at least once in a while if you don’t have time.
      Thanks for reading

  10. Food for thought, though I only visited once, but am hoping to go there again before this year runs out. Thank you 安心 for the enlightenment

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