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When I woke up, I looked at the wall clock and it was 4am the next morning. I found myself indulging in an enjoyable recollection of the kiss we had yesterday morning and the thought alone brought some mischievous laughter to my mouth. I discovered I needed more of that kiss and was very sure, if it eventually happens again it wouldn’t end in just a kiss. I tried forcing myself to sleep again but I couldn’t. The thought of his exposed body and the shape of his manhood that was very obvious in the panties he wore wouldn’t let me sleep no more. I kept imagining how his manhood will taste, when it finally found its way to my puna. I kept imagining and didn’t realize I was moaning and touching myself until he coughed to make his presence known. I felt awkward again. I scurried and covered myself and avoided looking at him.

He didn’t say a word but instead made to leave the room but changed his mind and immediately jumped to the bed, held me and started kissing me deeply. I was sure we kissed for about twenty minutes before he started touching my breast and then went straight to my vagina; which was already very wet at that time. He was very gentle and slow with his touch and that made me moan. He kept on kissing, caressing my breast and flicking my clitoris at the same time until I came. I tried to touch his penis severally but he always found a way to pull my hands off him and continued with what he was doing. I wasn’t a sex person, which made me very surprise how I came with just romance and not penetration. When he noticed I was already okay and my moaning has drastically reduced because the romance was one sided, he stood up and left without saying a word to me. Even though I enjoyed every bit of the experience, I still felt embarrassed.

I stayed inside the room and made sure he wasn’t outside before I went into the kitchen to get something to eat and went back inside again. We didn’t see each other again until the next day, he came out and asked me to come over to his room. I quickly followed him. There was something about him that made me feel very comfortable. He asked me to seat next to him on his bed, I did that without hesitation. I made to kiss him, he was a bit reluctant at first but gradually allowed me to kiss him. We started kissing again and when I made to feel his manhood he held my hands and asked me to stop. I asked him ‘why?’ and he said “I cannot marry you, so I cannot have penetrative sex with you”. I was taken aback.

Am I not attractive enough? Was the question that unwilling left my mouth and made its way to his ears. And he told me he had been admiring and monitoring all my movement ever since he laid his eyes on me. But it happened that his other friend wanted me too. So they started having a clash because of me. And those hoodlums I had seen that day, wanted to kidnap me and take me to his friend that was why he brought me to his place. He never knew that I was a Christian until he heard me praying. So you won’t marry me because I’m a Christian? I asked him. Not just that you are a Christian, we are from a totally different tribe and religion and I wouldn’t want to raise my children in such a way. It isn’t healthy. And with my status now, that won’t make it any easier. I was deeply hurt but couldn’t say why. I just left his room and ran back to mine and closed the door. I cried out of shame, embarrassment and hurt. Until I slowly dozed off.


When I woke up, he was sitting in the parlor and watching TV. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of red wine. I was still holding the bottle when he sneaked in and carried me to the parlor and kept me on his laps. I was already free with him and so I didn’t mind. He told me stories about himself and how he had grew up in the street. The way he talked and expressed himself will tell you that he was actually telling the truth. He looked at me and said “forget how I dress and package, I am a full Agbero boy (Agbero in his language means a goon) but a corporate one”. I looked at him and said ‘then you will be my corporate Agbero from today’. We laughed and continued sipping the wine from the same glass.

He made to kiss me but I shifted my face and put it on his shoulder. He asked why I was resisting him, I told him I can’t do that again since he wouldn’t penetrate me nor allow me to touch him. He held my face to look at him directly and said, “you can touch me any how you want to”. He kissed me very passionately and I reciprocated. We kissed and he started caressing my breasts again while I made for his penis. This time he didn’t resist, he just allowed me feel how hard and very full it was. Upon touching the tip or the opening of his penis, I discovered it was uncut. I had never seen nor had sex with an uncut guy before and so I didn’t know how to react. I kept on touching and massaging it with my right and left hand interchangeably. He started moaning very loud. When the moaning became unbearable, I put his penis into my mouth and started sucking it gently and very slowly. I  sucked him until he came into my mouth. He asked me to swallow it and I did. Immediately I swallowed it, he carried me to his room and laid me on his bed, removing my pant and pushing my legs wide open to expose my wet vagina. He kissed my vagina and then started kissing me on my lips and gradually started kissing my whole body before finally sucking my vagina and making me reach ecstasy. After which we slept off cuddling each other. We woke up in the midnight to continue another round; him sucking and romancing me and me doing the same to him too.

The next morning, he told me I can return to my house now. Because he had already made sure they won’t disturb nor harm me again. When I was ready to go, he looked at me, held me close to him, kissed me and said “please do not come to look for me, it will only make things very difficult for us”. As I was leaving his house that afternoon, waving at him, I was saying to myself ‘maybe it was good we didn’t have sex because we might have had sex and because he was uncut I wouldn’t enjoy it and then regret ever trying to have sex with an uncut man’. I was only giving myself reasons not to feel hurt or get angry.


Few months later, I still found myself reminiscing the event from that very sunny morning. I still wish he will come  or I will bump into him but it hasn’t happened.

It’s three years now and I still remember every detail as though it was yesterday, his picture has permanently saved in my memory that I can’t delete it even if I want to. Such a principled man who has a great respect for his tribe and religion and who understands how important family is, hasn’t crossed my path since I met Lateef and maybe that was the reason I cannot forget him. I sometimes wished to know if he still thinks about me. So many times I had wanted to go to his place even though I don’t really remember the location but I decided to respect him and his decisions. I miss every moment we shared and wish it will happen again but maybe in our next life.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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  1. Omoooo, I just felt like I was watching a porn movie, especially that part you said he was “flicking my clitoris”, nah to look for person to practice what I learnt from the story with. At least once in awhile you give us the bad people this kind story to use hold body..
    Nice one dear..


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