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How to Speak Japanese in 7 Easy Ways

You intend to study Japanese, then. If you’re an English speaker, the “number of hours” it takes to learn Japanese might terrify you. You might also be interested in finding out how to pick up Japanese more quickly.

Is it possible? Yes, to answer briefly. “One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to learn Japanese. I am more passionate and appreciative of Japanese culture now that I can speak the language. I’ve been able to investigate the culture in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to because I can communicate in the language”. Said my friend who recently learnt how to speak Japanese.

Here’s the issue, though. One of the most challenging languages to learn is Japanese. It differs significantly from English in terms of its writing system, grammar, and reliance on cultural context and knowledge. Having said that, with the techniques below, you can easily acquire the Japanese language, including context cues. If you’re serious about speaking Japanese right away, this is the finest way to learn the language.

How to speak Japanese in 6 easy ways are:

1. Find Your Passion for Learning Japanese

I’ll be very open with you about this. Do you have a strong desire to learn Japanese? Have you got a good “why” for learning it? Without this, you won’t understand why you should persevere when times are difficult.

Set your goals for learning Japanese right away. Find out the particular reason(s) for your interest in Japanese. Find your “why” and put it in writing, whatever that may be. Your why should be all around you. Make a picture of a sizable bowl of ramen in the background of your phone and laptop. Your vision board should include it.

Do whatever it takes to keep seeing it every day and keep in mind why you got started.

2. Immerse Yourself in Japanese at Home

To learn Japanese, you don’t have to relocate to Japan. However, you must encircle yourself with it. Making your home into an immersion environment where you are constantly exposed to the language, is the greatest method to do this for any language.

Although initially learning how to accomplish this may be challenging. Once you are aware of the resources and actions to take, it becomes simpler.

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Here are a few advice:

Make use of your smartphone: A Japanese language setting should be selected. The same thing is possible with a computer. It’s okay if you find that challenging at this point. Get exposed to it through downloading Japanese-language applications, games, etc. Facebook is a fantastic program for making the initial changeover because it is still simple to use while being bilingual.

Start taking in Japanese television programs, films, anime, and other media: Netflix is a terrific place to start because it now contains a ton of Japanese programming. the first program I like to watch is Terrace House.

Listen to Japanese radio stations, podcasts, and music: You can, for instance, listen to Japanese NHK News. Or, check out a great podcast for learning a language like JapanesePod101. One Ok Rock and Utada Hikaru, two Japanese musicians, can now be streamed on numerous sites. Another fantastic resource for finding music is YouTube. Using a program like LingQ, you could also enjoy reading articles written in Japanese.

It’s simpler than you would think to locate Japanese speakers where you live. You might be shocked to learn that there are Japanese communities even in rather tiny towns. There are perhaps a few Japanese native speakers you could meet if you have a Japanese-owned business or factory nearby, like Toyota.

3. Find Native Speakers and Speak from Day One

Find native speakers and start speaking right now. As I said earlier, you might not even be aware that your neighborhood has a Japanese-speaking population. Find someone with whom you can communicate in Japanese and start speaking right away. The most crucial and effective step you can take to learn a language is this one if you want to become fluent. You won’t advance very far in your studies if you can’t communicate in Japanese.

Don’t let the lack of local language exchange partners deter you from speaking the language. You can chat with native Japanese speakers in a variety of methods, including: On the language exchange website italki, you can locate Japanese speakers who want to learn English and practice with one another. You may also pay for classes because they have tutors who are cheaply priced.

Another free website to find Japanese speakers for language exchanges is HelloTalk. If you reside in a sizable city, or CouchSurfing are great options. Tandem, another free internet resource for language exchanges is this one.

4. Record yourself speaking

You’ll probably listen to native speakers if you want to learn spoken Japanese, but have you ever tried listening to yourself? Our experts suggest making a tape of yourself and listening to it afterward; after you’ve developed a sense of the language, you can start making corrections to make your Japanese sound more and more natural.

5. Set goals

Clear goals and timetables, according to studies, have a significant impact on language learners’ progress toward achieving their objectives. Establish a study plan and follow it.

6. Use mnemonics

When learning Japanese, using mnemonic devices like rhymes, imagery, and associations is quite beneficial.

7. Stay positive

Last but not least, remember to recognize and appreciate your accomplishments! Any language can be difficult to learn, but if you persevere, you’ll soon be saying “nihongo ga hanasemasu”!



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