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15 amazing books you should add to your shelf

I recently stumbled into these books and I think it will be really nice to share them with you guys. You should add them to your book shelf because I have already done that. Reading books is a habit everyone needs to cultivate and really hold on to. Without further ado, let me share with you the 15 amazing books you should add to your shelf now.

Firstly I will start with the Books by Austin Kleon:

1. Steal like an artist

In this New York times bestseller, Austin Kleon presented 10 informative and very transformative principles that can help anyone discover their artistic nature and also help to make the person more creative. The book further shows how one can unlock creativity by stealing from those who are already into the same work or line of creativity. Don’t worry the book is not voluminous it can be read in a jiffy. I will advice you first read it once, then start reading it one chapter per day. So you will be able to digest all the information in it.

You can get this book from Amazon, Just Click Here to purchase this lovely book.

2. Show your work 

This is another amazing book by Austin Kleon. It shows you how you can let people into your process. It goes further to show you how you can get discovered by just doing what you are passionate about.

I will advice you watch this short YouTube video clip by Ali Abdaal; which was where I got to learn about this lovely book and author.

I want you to focus more on the aspect of the book “SHOW YOUR WORK”. Listen to his own testimony of how the book changed his life.

3. Keep Going: 10 ways to stay creative in good times and bad 

This is a book that provides 10 ways on how you can keep going after stealing from the community of those who have already started and also letting people into your process. It shows you how to stay creative, focused and true to yourself and true to life. You can check up the author’s website to get more insights and more information just click here .

The next author’s books I will be sharing with you is a Nigerian female author whose books are just so lovely they are:

4. The smart money woman 

The cover of this book is lovely ( it was actually the first thing that attracted me to the book). This book presented it’s lessons with the aid of love and romance story; which made the book very interesting to read. Zuri and her friends were used to give us lessons on how to climb a financial ladder as a young African woman. It doesn’t mean that men cannot read it as well, but it focused more on how an African woman can gain financial freedom. With each chapter comes a smart money lesson to help tackle personal finance.

The book has also been made as movie series which is now showing on Netflix. Click Here to start watching.

5. The smart money tribe

This is the continuation of the love story and the lives of the five friends with more lessons on how to attain financial freedom. The book also portrayed how effective the collaborative power of women can be in building wealth. It shows how you can get paid in your workplace, how you can overcome adversities and how you can assess investment opportunities and build a business in Africa. The book throwed more light on friendship cycle, how friendship cycle plays a major role in the way we earn, spend and invest. Which made the author leave us with a question that I also want you to really think about ” Is your friendship cycle your money cycle”? .

This also, is on Amazon click here to purchase and start enjoying this lovely book.

6. Atomic Habits

Atomic Habit is the book for you if you want to change your old habits or if you want to create  a new habit. This book gave the strategies one needs to transform his or her habit. You can always achieve this when, while reading the book you will be putting every step or process into practice. James Clear’s book, has also been confirmed by some renowned people. So, trust me when I say it’s part of the books you should add to your shelf.  Click here to explore the author’s website.

7. No excuses: the power of self-discipline 

After reading this book, I stopped giving excuses for my mistakes, laziness and procrastination. I started taking responsibility for my own mistake even when it was caused by someone else. This book made me understand that “there is an atom of my own fault in every mistake I make”. So instead of complaining and laying blames, I learnt to take responsibility.

The above video clip has said it all. ” Only the disciplined ones are free”. Do you want to be free? take that bold step today by buying this book, reading it and also practicing all the steps in it. Click here to purchase it on Amazon.

8. The prophet 

This is a 26 prose poetry fable book by Kahlil Gibran. It discussed about every aspects of life. I first watched a short video of this book on Netflix and later went on to buy and read it. You can watch it on IMDb.

Even if you don’t like reading poem, I assure you will like this one. But trust when I say ‘it’s worth adding to your shelf’.

9. The alchemist 

This book by Paulo Coelho is also a book that talked about life. There are two quotes I love from the book.

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

There is only one way to learn…. it’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.

I love this book a lot with all the lessons in it. It told a  story of a young shepherd boy who was on a self-discovery journey, he was being taught so many lessons from the beginning to the end of his journey. You can’t afford to miss adding this book to your shelf.

10. Take the risk 

Have you heard of the neurosurgeon’s breakthrough that brought hope where no hope existed? Well! meet Dr. Benjamin Carson, who gained worldwide recognition for his part in the first successful separation of Siamese twins  joined at the back of the head, an extremely complex and delicate operation that was five months of planning and twenty-two hours of actual surgery, involving a surgical plan that Carson helped initiate in 1987. This book talked about the risks Dr. Carson took in his career path and how you too can start taking risk.

Taking risk is a dreaded topic that no one likes talking about, even when some do, they don’t put it into action. One big question is “How many life do you have”? What’s the worst thing that can happen if you don’t take that risk? According to Carson there are four B/WA you should always consider when planning on taking a risk.

What’s keeping you from taking that risk that can lead to your breakthrough? I would love to hear it, if you are willing to share with me on the comment section below or in my email.

11. The 5 love languages 

In this book, Gary Chapman listed and explained the 5 love languages that people speak. Do you want to know which love language you speak? Go and read this book to be more enlightened.

12. Act like a lady, Think like a man 

Steve Harvey is a well known Tv presenter and a comedian and now an author. This book shows you how to act like a lady while thinking like a man. In it has the 90 days rules stated out to win your prince charming and how you will be able to identify a staying man from a one night man. There are questions that are stated in the book, that can help you identify them quickly even on your first date. Are you searching for love? Try and read this book if you haven’t already.

13. Surrounded by idiots 

Thomas Erikson’s book showed the methods of understanding people around you, that will change how you interact with everyone from your coworkers to your spouse. When you read this book, you will learn how to relate with people around you and your environment.

14. Gut 

This is a health book. Whenever you are reading other books from motivational books to novel make sure you read a health book as well so you will know how to stay healthy. Our ‘Gut’ is as important as our brain but we give more concern and care to the brain than the gut. When you read this book, you will learn a lot about how your gut works from the first process to the final stage of the process. A good book by Giulia Enders.

15. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

John Gary believes that Men and Women are not from the same planet but came to settle in one planet that is why some of us don’t understand each other. But if we understand that we aren’t from same planet and therefore we need to study and learn each others ways of thinking, it will make things much easier. This book offers the secrets of communicating without conflicts , allowing couples to give intimacy every chance to grow.

It’s a book worth reading and adding to your shelf to aid your communication with the opposite sex and to make you have a long lasting relationship. For once you understand people’s ways of reasoning, it will make your relationship with them more easy going.


You won’t regret reading these 15 amazing books and it will be more beneficial to you, when you read and practice them. Which book will you start reading first from the list of 15 books I shared with you guys? I would love to hear which one you will start with and if you have read any, let me know what you think about the book as well in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Reading!

What next to read?  Click Here 





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