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Loving him part 2

I wasn’t expecting my boyfriend that day. His coming back was supposed to be in two days’ time. With this in mind, I invited the new guy over to have dinner and maybe eat some of my cookie. I wanted to enjoy myself well before I give in to the master whom I am now a sex slave to.

He had just arrived and we were eating the delicious spaghetti with enough sardine that I had prepared, with orange juice just the way he liked it. We hadn’t even spent ten minutes eating, when we heard a knock on the door and I went to open it. Lo and behold, my boyfriend was standing there with his small backpack that he used for traveling. I was already sweating, thinking he will be seething with anger when he sees the new guy. But to my greatest surprise, when he entered and saw the new guy, they shook hands together and hugged each other the way that guys usually do with their close friends. I was confused. I was surprised. I couldn’t bring myself to ask if they knew each other. I just stood near the door looking at them. The next question made me lose my step and fell very hard to the floor. My boyfriend asked “How far? Have you eaten your own cookie?” By his own cookie he meant ‘if he has had sex with me’. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

I was still on the floor, so ashamed of myself. That I couldn’t stand up on my feet. I didn’t even have the courage to ask them why. When I managed to stand on my feet, I sat down on the nearest cushion in the living room. My boyfriend came to me and said “we had a bet, anyone that would be able to have sex with you, will win one million naira”. “I already won mine, so, he wanted to win his too, that was why he started coming close to you too and now he just received his own money last night”. Today was supposed to be the last time he would have sex with you but I spoilt his show for him.

Was this really happening to me or was it some kind of a movie? I couldn’t believe what I heard. My heart was so heavy and my eyes filled with tears but none was dropping. The tears were all stuck inside my eyes, making me blind for some minutes. I had to force myself to blink, so as to allow the tears to drop. And so, I could look them straight in the eyes and see if there was any emotion or feeling of regret. Their faces were normal. They looked happy. They looked like people who just succeeded in winning themselves a contract. The new guy somehow looked at me with pity. I could see through him that he was regretting what he did to me. He only showed me that pity when my boyfriend wasn’t looking his way. They continued laughing and took the glasses of wine and poured themselves the orange juice on the table, after toasting to their success, they gulped all the juice in the glasses at the same time. I was still seating down, looking at them with the hot tears that were dropping from my eyes. Right in front of me they called some girls and asked them to come to the apartment.

When they finished making their calls, they asked me to remove my clothes so they will have their final rounds. My boyfriend looked me in the eyes and said “he wants to have a threesome with me before I take my stinking self out of his house”. I was still in shock, when he roughly pulled me up, removed my clothes and pushed me down on the cushion that was close to me. I couldn’t remember what happened after the push but I found myself in the hospital the next day when I opened my eyes.

The doctor was the one that told me that, I had been raped and the gentleman that brought me there said he found me by the road side. I would later know that it was the new guy that brought me to the hospital after they had had their threesome. I had fainted when my boyfriend pushed me to the cushion. And he lied to the doctor that I was found by the road side. It was after two months later that I recovered from the bruises they inflicted on me.

After the first month, the doctor discovered I was pregnant and asked if I would want to keep it. My belief doesn’t support abortion but I know that I couldn’t live with such stigma. I was so sure I wouldn’t love that baby. So, I went against my belief and had an abortion. Two months after staying in the hospital, I was discharged and I left to my apartment, packed some important things and left.

Because I didn’t tell anyone what happened, so no one knew where I was not even my friends or family members. Because they destroyed my phone and everything in it. After I was discharged, I left that city to my home town. From where I travelled and relocated to another country. I didn’t press any charges against my boyfriend and the new guy. Neither did I tell anyone about my ordeal. I didn’t know the reason why but I just left everything to die down that way.


Love, really taught me a big lesson. A lesson I will live to remember and will never forget. I am 40 years old now and still single, and haven’t had any relationship since then. I plan staying single till death takes me away. My family members and friends have grown tired of talking to me about marriage. I am very successful now, more than all the men in my company.

Few years later, I checked up on my boyfriend and the new guy to see how their lives had turned out. I discovered they had become very successful and was doing very well with their lives. I don’t know if they ever regretted their actions towards me but I never saw them since I relocated to another country till date.

Even though I tried so hard to be strong, I still remember that agonizing moment. I think it will live with me till I die. I cry heavily each time the memory comes rushing down. I guess that is the prize I have to pay to have been foolish.

I hate the sight of any man that wants to be sweet and romantic towards me. The only men I keep are those I do business with. I wouldn’t let myself be fooled and go through such pain again. Even though I know that all men are not the same. But I know they will forgive and understand my reasons of not wanting to open my heart again to any man; when I tell them my story.

People have been asking who will inherit all my wealth when I die since I don’t want to get married. “I will give all I have to my cousins, nieces and nephews and also to the orphanage foundation I am currently operating now”. This is my usual reply to their question about ‘inheritance’.

Sometimes I wished I didn’t experience that hard side of life. I wished I met someone who truly loved me and we ended up getting married and living happily ever after just like in the movies. But since it didn’t turn out that way. I will live my life the way I have planned it. I am still finding it difficult to forgive my boyfriend and the new guy but I hope that someday I will forgive them and finally move on.

Thanks for reading!

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