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5 Most Effective Tips To Stay Committed When Learning A Language

Clicking this post, it is obvious you are interested in learning a language or have started learning one and you want to know how to stay committed, search no more, because this post is for you. Read through everything and find the answers you are looking for.

It’s quite understandable that we tends to get tired or run out of motivation when learning new language. It’s like trying to build a house from the scratch but the will and the zeal we have in learning the language won’t let us stop learning it.

However, we must find ways to stay motivated and focused on learning the language. This is the reason for this post and as we dive right into it, we will be considering the 5 most effective tips to stay committed when learning a language.

They are:

1. Be committed

Like I do say, been committed isn’t doing things when we think it’s the right thing to do it, right time to do it, or there’s resources to do it but it’s the act of doing things when the zeal and the motivation to do it isn’t there.

Been committed will really help in achieving a lot of our goals which include the language we are trying to learn.

Stay focus, motivate yourself when no one is there to motivate you.

2.  Avoid distraction

Distraction is one of the enemies we must abstain from if we really want to finish learning that language.

There are so many things that can distract us and they include our phones, movies, house chores during learning time, gisting with friends and many others.

These are some of the distractions we must stay away from if we really want to learn and finish that language course.

The question is, how can we stay away from these distractions?

  • If you aren’t using your phone to learn your language, then do away with it for the main time. Having your phone with you while you are learning won’t let you concentrate on your learning.
  • If you are using your phone to learn your language, then turn off all notification from all social media and entertainment apps such as Netflix, VLC and many other that catches your attention. This is one way to help yourself.
  • Avoid reading, studying or learning while sleeping on your back. One of the etiquette of learning that helps assimilation is sitting right while learning. Avoid laying down while studying.

3. Challenge yourself

There’s a popular saying that If you don’t know where you are going,  you won’t hasten your steps.

 This is true for everything in life which includes language learning as well. If you aren’t conscious of what you want to achieve, why you are learning the language,  your progress will be slow and inconsistent, and this will make it harder for you to stay motivated.

Set Big goals but make sure they are achievable. Not fulfilling the goal at first shouldn’t discourage you from trying again.

Challenge yourself that you will stay focus for 1hour learning that language. At first, you may find it difficult and couldn’t only stay for 45min, try again the next day and improve your time gradually.

Set a goal of finishing a chapter or two of your language material within a day and stay true to it.

One more thing,  make sure that the goals are challenging and interesting. Trying to achieve a goal just for that sake doesn’t worth it but you including a reward for every step of your progress will motivate you.

You can set a plan that once you’re able to study for 1hour, you watch a movie for 30min. This will make you more focused while learning because you know a reward is still coming.

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4. Find a supportive community

Psychologically, doing things alone can be somehow challenging. Sometimes all we need is someone that can tell us that we are doing great, or someone to share the experience with.

But it’s not always possible to find people learning the same language among your friends or even in the area where you live.

However, we have a large world called social media and internet has been a blessing. You can visit platforms like Quora where we have different community with different purpose. I’m sure you will find someone there that is learning that same language you are learning.

5. Enjoy the process

Many of us tend to be so much obsessed at what the end result of our learning will be and this isn’t helping us because it deprives us of the fun we can derive from the process.

Whatever your language learning aims and objectives are, obsessing over the results is actually quite detrimental.

If you are so much focused  on just the results, your learning becomes mechanical, aiming at just one thing. It’s deprives you of the chance to think deeply of what you have learned and this will affect your memory.

Instead of engaging yourself in a rat race, Focus on the process instead, focus on what you are learning and enjoy it.

Final Thoughts On Learning A Language

Learning a language can be very tiring and stressful but when you know why you want to learn a language, it will make the whole process easier. So, before you start learning a language, try to know why and ask yourself questions of why you want to learn it and be sure it is for a good course, so you will enjoy the process more.

Feel free to leave a comment, telling us the language you are learning now or want to learn.



  1. Thank you very much for sharing, I learned a lot from this post, I am learning German language now and this post will be very helpful. Thank you Johellaa for sharing.


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