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On seeing the departure’s section, she let out a loud sigh, loud enough for everyone present at the airport to hear. She has been stressed throughout the whole journey; from getting a travel permit from the government to going to every section of the embassy.

 “Why do I even need their rubbish travel permit?”

     She would have asked this question there. But because even though she knew that it was important, she still didn’t want to believe it, because of what she called “unnecessary stress”.

Seeing the faces of those waiting in line to also board the flight, she was satisfied because their facial expressions said it all; that she wasn’t alone in this hatred. The funniest one was the old man that had a face very similar to that of her bulldog at home. She had promised herself, never to use animals to classify or even qualify a human being. But she just can’t help it. A mere look at the man, will tell you that she wasn’t lying with the description.

     Her attention was drawn to the swiveling of luggage; that attracted not just her attention but that of everybody there. They all turned their back, wanting to know who the unlettered person was. Who swivels luggage that way? Making sounds like krrr kiii koi.

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        Very annoying sounds that reminded her of how her brother would always hit his plate with his spoon, to make so many unpleasant sounds after eating his meal. For her brother, he feels doing that meant he was satisfied with his just finished meal.

        Turning to see the person and also the reason for his or her action wouldn’t be a bad idea she thought to herself, while still looking in the direction of the person; who is now taking like forever to show up. She started arranging her Afro hair, which looks very natural and dark. She turned to the glass-like mirror opposite her to see if her makeup was still well worn. Adjusted her denim jean jacket. And this time turned to see who it was because some people had already started talking. She wanted to look good when flushing all the dirty abuses she had for that person and she didn’t want to give the person the opportunity to revenge.

      Turning her head again after arranging herself, she couldn’t comprehend the change in the choice of words of what the others were saying. Were these not the same people that were abusing and ranting a while ago? What made them change?  Without observing very closely that the person that was swiveling the luggage like that, was a tall, handsomely made guy with a deformity in his left leg.  She let out the whole rubbish words she had packaged well for the person out of her mouth. In her mind, she said, “I won’t because of his handsome looks and not tell him all that he needs to know”. She was still ranting when a middle-aged woman approached her and whispered into her ears “Young lady calm down, the guy is a bit deformed”. She immediately looked very closely at the guy and discovered that the woman wasn’t lying. She wished for the ground to open and swallow her or even for a magician to make her disappear.

    Everyone was looking at her. she was the center of attention in the whole of the departure section. She hadn’t realized that her voice was very loud until she kept quiet.  She started smiling sheepishly. And quickly moved very close to the guy and said “please find a place in your heart and forgive me”.

    The guy who had been staring at her all through the scene, just smiled and said “you will have to serve a punishment for that”.  Without thinking it through, she immediately accepted and asked what the punishment would be, and he said “be my girlfriend till we land”. She couldn’t believe her ears. He didn’t just say it for her ears alone, he made sure that everyone around heard him, very loud and clear. She accepted.

    “The first task as my girlfriend would be to carry my luggage in a very noiseless manner”, he said.  He hasn’t even completed his sentence when everyone started laughing in an uncontrollably manner. And just when she wanted to say something, came the announcement that the flight was already boarding. She helplessly carried the heavy luggage into the plane. Unluckily for her, he was her seat mate.

      When they sat down, he turned and said to her “so either way we would have still met. It’s like the universe is saying something to us, he said and started laughing”. She didn’t find it funny, so she didn’t laugh.

     Three hours into their journey, he told her he wanted to relieve himself and asked her to accompany him. She complied. When they came back, he said “thank you”. Those two words made some changes in her heart. Changes she couldn’t comprehend. They were like ice that melted and blew away a fire. She became a changed person. she suddenly found herself very interested in the guy. And started appreciating the handmade of God that she has been rebuffing since. It was then she discovered how handsome the guy was.

     My name is Amanda. I’m a student of information technology at Okara University. What about you? I’m a Ph.D. holder in computer science. Going home for the holiday. And am known as Prince. Is that supposed to be a nickname or your real name? anyone you call it can go, he replied. Anyways, nice meeting you, she said and stretched out her hands for a handshake.

       They continued talking about their life experiences and their previously made travels. They talked until they arrived the transiting city. She was always by his side. And was gradually becoming very fond of him without her knowledge. Anything Prince wanted was at his beck and call. She wouldn’t even let him finish before rushing to buy or bring whatever he asks for. They had his favorite snacks and drinks. Unlike her, she would have insisted they go by her own favorites but she didn’t say a word. Everything prince said was the best.

      Has she been enchanted? This was the question she asked herself when she could no longer hold the urine in her bladder and decided to use the rest room. When she didn’t find any answer, she decided to let whatever it was to flow.

   When they finally boarded the plane to their final destination, she became very unease. She wanted to ask for his contact but didn’t know how best to do that. When he noticed that she wasn’t at rest, he started telling her about his love life. she was enjoying the conversation and he knew she was, so he continued nonstop. Just when he said he was through; the flight attendants made the announcement that Amanda didn’t want to hear. Saying they will be landing very soon, so everyone should fasten their seat belts. “Your love life is like a movie; I wish to experience that too”.

       They had just landed before they noticed that there were riots going on in the city. they had just retrieved their other luggage, from the luggage section and headed to the parking hall; where they hoped to see a member of their family; whom they had informed of their arrival. Amanda had told her mother, who agreed to be there an hour before her landing. While prince told his sister.

       When they got to the parking hall, prince couldn’t locate his sister, so he decided to stay in a hidden corner. After making sure he was well settled and after offering to give him a lift and he rejected, Amanda decided to move to her mother’s car and wait. She had just gotten to where her mother parked the car, when they discovered some hoodlums with guns and knives moving very fast towards prince’s direction. She made to call out his name but the mother quickly held her mouth very tightly.

     When the hoodlums left him, he was already laying lifelessly on the ground clenching his stomach, where they had consecutively stabbed him eight times. She quickly rushed and held his head, very careful not to touch any injured part. She was already crying profusely when she got there. With her tearful voice she was shouting “call an ambulance! somebody please help us!”. Prince turned and looked at her, wanting to say something to her but no strength was left to do so. He kept on trying, until he used his last strength, pinched her to get her attention, smiled and said “can you give me a kiss as your last task, as my girlfriend?” he said it so hurriedly that what Amanda only heard was just the ‘kiss’. She kissed him, while she was still kissing him, she discovered his body was already cold.

         Just then a lady and her entourage came and pulled her out from him. They told her they would take it from there. She would later know three important things she wished she knew when they met: firstly, that the lady that asked the guards to pull her off him was his sister. Secondly, that prince was the heir apparent to the throne of their kingdom and lastly, that she was in love with him.




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