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That morning I was feeling somehow concupiscent within but I decided I wasn’t going to call him or even chat him throughout the day. Reason, because the last time he came around and I was feeling that way, We ended up caressing each other’s body; him caressing my breast and thigh, and I, caressing his manhood. And it all started with “I didn’t want to do it”, but we ended up doing it. At the end of those few minute’s enjoyment, he started regretting it; because he has a girlfriend and he felt he had cheated on her, even without penetrating me.                          

        Madison is an average handsome guy, he is five feet tall with a skin glowing like the morning sun. He is just every woman’s dream. He is that kind of guy that can convince a girl with just the way he moves his pink lips and also blinks his sexy blue eyes; at so many occasions I have seen him, using those tricks on some of the girls around our streets and whenever we go out to get some things either at the supermarket or at the mall. He is what I classified as ‘every woman approved’. He loves music but don’t like watching movies unlike me that loves movies like crazy. I had once told him that if we keep on being close friends, I might be pushed to snatch him away from his girlfriend that he loves so much and wouldn’t trade for anything. He would always smile each time I says something like that and he would say that “he wishes he can have two girlfriends and I would be one of them because he loves me as much as he loves his girlfriend and he enjoys my own company more”. I have told him countless times that I can’t be his girlfriend or even his wife, ‘it’s true I also enjoy your company as well, but I can’t marry or date you’. Each time I tells him this, he would always want to know why but will end up getting no definite answer from me; because I doesn’t even know the reason why I wouldn’t want to date or marry him but I just know that I wouldn’t do any of both.

             Few weeks after the incident, came the morning I was feeling libidinous. With the hope that it will stop before evening at least, I went about my day doing other things, trying to distract myself and my body from what it truly wants and desires but my body was much stronger than I was that day, coupled with the fact that my menstrual period was two days away; my body wanted the ecstasy  more than myself.

           At night we began chatting on Whats App, and I discovered he had an issue with his girlfriend and he wasn’t feeling happy so I invited him to my room, because we lived two blocks away from each other, although it was late, but he still came around. Then, my lustful mood had disappeared; because I just wanted to help him. When he came into my room, I hugged him and he held me tight as one who was really hurt, I felt his pains, despite not knowing the reason why he had a quarrel with his girlfriend.   

         My mind was only on the hug because I have heard a whole lot about ‘hugging solving some emotional problems’, that was why I decided to hug him when he came into my room, with the hope of helping him with his emotional problems.

    I started feeling his manhood rising after five minutes of the hug, I didn’t want to ask but just pretended like I wasn’t feeling anything. Before I could count to three, he was already kissing me like a hungry lion, he was kissing me and was also pushing me softly to lay on the cushion that was just there looking and awaiting the next action.

          I found myself just in time to stop him and remind him that, I didn’t have any of that in mind, he continued kissing me and trying to caress my breast but I was resisting him. When he found out that I wasn’t really cut out for it, he stopped and laid on the cushion, saying sorry to me.

kiss, kissing, love

        The lovely cushion had expected something to go down but I disappointed it maybe for few minutes. My cushion is where I love to relax and also where I had carried out most of my escapades. A bed like cushion, that can be twisted to be a normal cushion.  

       As he laid there faced up, I went closer to him and laid on his body. I stayed there, silently listening to his heart beat. I had become very fond of Madison and felt free lying on his body anytime I felt like.  

        About thirty minutes later, he was softly touching me and going around my body with his fingers, I didn’t resist him this time, so he continued slowly and just when I wanted to change to another position, I felt him again, this time he started kissing me real hard. He carried me and placed me on his laps where he made sure that our two pubic regions though still inside our clothes were touching each other.

He then removed my very silky top and left my full breast dangling on his body, the sight of my full and very round breast made him shout for joy and said “baby you are very beautiful in all aspect”. That day was the first day he was seeing and feeling my flesh and not my body inside clothes as usual. He was touching me very tenderly like a baby he cherished. He then became very aroused, and started banging me, everything was just real, with my two legs spread across his hips, laying straight on the cushion. Everything was as though we were having sex, the feeling was there too, except that we were still on our pants.

Five minutes later he stopped and started apologizing again to me, saying he knew that I didn’t plan this but he is sorry for dragging me into his problem and he knew that this wasn’t the best way to solve his emotional problem. Then I knew that the reason why he stopped was because he remembered his girlfriend. I quickly respected myself and came down from his body and wore my clothes, he apologized again and left that night.  

        Two days later, after I didn’t hear from him like I used to, I decided to pay him a visit and then discovered he has reconciled with his beautiful and average looking girlfriend. After spending some time with them I left to my place. As if he knew why I had come to his place, he chatted me up and told me that he was going to come that night to my place, so I should leave the door open for him so he wouldn’t attract attention. But I told him that I wasn’t in the mood of doing anything with him and besides he has reconciled with his beautiful girlfriend.

             He was already becoming very sexually attracted to me but didn’t want to accept it. That night he kept calling me on the phone, asking where I was, but I didn’t reply him.  I had gone out to catch some fresh air, because I too was getting involved with him and I didn’t want anything that will hurt my fellow woman. So, I thought the best thing was to start avoiding him and not give him the chance to cheat on his girlfriend. Even though I always said ‘that I will snatch him away from his girlfriend’ I didn’t really mean it, because I know the feeling of being cheated on.

When I arrived my room, Madison came knocking because he has been watching me. I opened the door for him and he came in and wanted to start kissing me, telling me how sexually aroused he has been and how he has been thinking about me, but I pushed him away and told him that I wouldn’t be a party to his cheating on his girlfriend, and since he was feeling this way, why didn’t he call his girlfriend at least she could do something for him, but he didn’t say a word. He tried again, thinking it was my usual self of resisting first and gradually falling into his hands but it wasn’t this time, because I was very serious of not doing anything with him that night. He discovered how serious I was after three attempts and then left. I was super proud of myself for being able to say No! and stick to it, for the first time.

         That wasn’t the last time I would betray myself again by saying No! and not stand by it. The last one really made me sad and I regretted it like I was going to kill myself for it, if he had succeeded in doing it.

          I was sexually aroused all day as usual; whenever its few days away from my menstrual period. Because those were the times my body reacts and does things that I wouldn’t accept to do on a normal day. That day I was the one that called Madison and asked him to come over to my place because he started keeping his distance after the last incident of which I declined his request of having what he calls ‘enjoyment’.

          When he came, we started talking about things and I apologized for the way I had treated him.

         We were still talking when I asked him to put me to sleep and he could go when I sleep off. When we laid down, this time on my bed, I told him about my relocation plans to another city because of my newly found job.

          ‘It was as if that gave him the motivation of the night’.

          He started kissing me, caressing me and was almost eating me up raw. I also kissed him back and decided to enjoy the moment. He got really hard that he asked if I had a condom and I stood up, went to my drawer to check if there was anyone remaining, although there were two condoms in my drawer, yet I turned and told him that I don’t have any. He went out and brought two with him.

Incredible! I said, ‘is that how bad you want to make love to me’ and he replied saying:

“Sandy, I want to feel you and I also want you to feel me, I think our relationship or friendship has gotten to the stage that we have to feel each other”.

             I immediately started acting up again, I told him I wasn’t feeling anything again and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything again. He looked at me and said “you can’t do that to me because I am already sexually aroused and won’t hesitate to rape you”. I started feeling guilty because I was going to do something I would regret forever.

       Here I was inviting a guy to my room at almost midnight, making him go really hard and now expecting him to only kiss me, caress my body and go back to his room. Who sets fire and expect the fire not to burn? It was really a crazy plan but I wouldn’t blame myself because I only wanted to satisfy the flesh but not giving it total satisfaction. A crazy thinking that has made me lose people that would have been in my life as life partners.

            My delinquency didn’t start that day. It started with the first guy I met at my office. He was the description of what people call “a Yoruba demon”.

Tall, caramel skin, handsome and rich, and he has his ways with the ladies just like Madison. He knows just about anything to tell a lady and make her come begging him to have sex with him. Oluwadamilare Duke always has his ways whenever he wants to. He is somehow jovial, fun to be with but he is also an introvert. Very intelligent, smart and takes his work very seriously.

        Oluwadamilare was already working there before I joined the publishing company that covers only languages. Few weeks after I had started working there, I was discussing with some friends when they decided to go out to party that night, I wasn’t in the mood and so I declined the offer of going with them.  He was there when the discussion started and when he heard they were going to party, and I wasn’t going, he said he too wasn’t in the mood for parties, and asked if I cared to join him while others go about their party. I agreed since he wasn’t bad at all.

        We started talking and knowing each other better. We talked until it was late and he volunteered to take me home because it was late and risky for a lady to go home alone, I accepted and he took me home. When he stopped the car at the front of my gate, I asked him to come in for a drink because we were still discussing.

       He came in, took a drink and then ate some meat pie I had baked. We talked and talked for so long and he felt like not leaving. Since it was weekend, he decided he was going to go home and come back the next day. He thanked me for the drink and snack and told me that he never knew I was that fun to be with. I also told him we were both fun to be with and that was the beginning of our friendship.

         We spent the weekend together: watching cartoons, some interesting action movies and talking about ourselves and our experiences.

      We continued that way for five months without any other strings attached to it, until valentines’ day. I would not forget that day in my whole life because I had an awesome experience and wonderful moments.

After work that day, luckily for us it was Friday and valentine’s day. Not having any special plans for the day, we decided to go to my house and think of something good or somewhere good to go to. When we got to my room, I switched on the blue and red bulb and also played a soft and cool music to lighten the night and make it feel like valentine because none of us had any partner to spend it with. His girlfriend broke up with him few months ago while I broke up with my own boyfriend three months into our friendship. So, we were both single.   

            I brought out the rice and chicken I prepared with a cold juice (which was his favorite), and we ate it together; with the music still playing in the background. After eating and clearing up the place I went and took my bath and changed into my usual pajamas that was more of net than silk. When I came back, we started discussing till midnight, he asked if he could sleep over at my place and I agreed.

         He went and took his bath and came out with water still dripping from his body, he asked if he could use my towel and dry his body, I was already in my world of imagination, looking at his tall and well-built body with his six packs showing clearly in such a sexy way that would turn any girl on and looking at how the hairs on his abdomen was curled and the way the water was dripping. I couldn’t control the emotions that was running through my body and veins. Every hair on my body stood up to admire the figure that was standing in front of me, especially when they saw the shape of his manhood. No wonder people call him ‘Yoruba demon’. That night, with him standing in front of me and with all that my eyes had seen, I couldn’t agree less that he was indeed qualified to be called that. When he noticed that I had gone numb, he came closer and touched me and woke me up from my imagination.

          ‘Sorry you can use anything you want’, I said to him and he smiled and entered the bathroom to continue with what he was doing.

             He came out looking fresh and scenting nice and that was my weak point, ‘scenting nice’. We talked and laid on the cushion, while we were talking his hand was going round my lips, he was slowly touching my lips and I asked if he wanted to kiss me and he replied “why would I be touching your soft lips if I don’t want to kiss it?”. I gave him the permission to kiss me. He kissed me so well like I had never been kissed before. Then his hands started touching my breast and then he started pulling my clothes; I was doing same with his. We continued kissing for thirty minutes and that was the longest kiss I have ever had.

           He romanced me and begged to suck me dry, before I could object, he already spread my two legs and took my vagina into his mouth, the sensation I got when his lips touched my clitoris, can’t be defined. He continued sucking me while I was moaning and massaging his hair and his back, when he noticed that my moaning wasn’t slowing down, he lifted his head and kissed me and we started kissing again.

              Then he asked if I could give him a fellatio, I told him I could, because I had done that before with my ex-boyfriend. I took him into my mouth and gave him the best he could ever ask for. I first started slowly, by taking just the cap into my mouth, before taking the whole penis into my mouth. He was moaning and trying his best to reach for my breast which were moving freely, but the height was high so he couldn’t touch them the way he wanted. So, he held the cushion very tight with his two hands each widely spread. He was moaning very loudly, and started telling me how he was feeling it very deep. That was what I liked about him too, (we were kissing, sucking and doing all those stuffs and we were still talking and laughing at same time which made it more fun).

          I continued sucking him, giving him the whole styles that I knew, then he came on inside my mouth. I quickly rushed into the toilet, poured it out and washed my mouth. He was just laughing at me, and saying that I should have swallowed it, that “it’s very good for my body and it will help build my shape more”. I jokily hit him with the pillow that was there. He stood up, went to the toilet and washed up, when he came back and checked the time it was 5am in the morning, he pulled me close to him, kissed me on the forehead and then we slept off, with him snoring very lightly.

          The next day was very special, he woke up before me, made breakfast and brought it to where I was still lying down, kissed me, and served me breakfast on bed.

     “Should I say breakfast on bed or cushion?” I asked laughing out loud.

           After breakfast that morning, he carried me to the bedroom and slowly kept me on the bed, and we started what I call ‘round two of our sexual adventure’. As if he knew that I was already wet with just the kisses, he gently pulled my clothes down. Using his middle finger, he was opening and closing my clitoris very fast but very tenderly. At same time using his mouth, he made my nipples very wet, and started fondling it in a very gentle way that made me reach my pleasure climax. I was already exhausted with much pleasure and wanted him to penetrate me immediately. But instead, he raised his head came close to my mouth and just slightly touched my lips. When he saw the tears of joy dropping down from my eyes, he decided to pity me with a smile and then started kissing me again.

         Few seconds after kissing me, he went down to my abdomen and started licking it, while using his hands, slowly and softly touching the hairs on my legs. When I couldn’t take it anymore, he removed his penis and started rubbing it on my vagina in a very romantic way that made me to almost push his penis inside of me. He was still rubbing his manhood on my vagina and was still fondling my stomach and from time to time sucking and also fondling my breast until I finally released. He kissed me and we went back to sleep again. The following days would be very lovely, for it was as if we created a bond from the foreplay we had.

           The following weekend he came to sleep over, we kissed for long as usual and then he touched my breast and suckle it and also gave me ‘head’ but I didn’t allow him for long because I wasn’t feeling the sensation I had felt the last time. He stopped and asked if I could do same to him, but I refused. He asked if we could have sex, I also refused, telling him I was seeing my menstrual period. So, he wasn’t happy at all. Because I had refused him having sex with him, that was why we only ended up with the foreplays. As if he knew that I was doing all that on purpose, he demanded to know the truth or the reason why I don’t want to have sex with him and I told him I haven’t had sex before. He just nodded his head and said ‘okay’ and turned to the other side and slept off. The next day he left and that was how the connection between us started dropping; we gradually stopped talking much on phone and stopped chatting.

             His attitude towards me changed, he would only send a text message requesting an information about work, or call me on phone only when he needs to get something from me. This continued for almost two months. We would only say ‘Hi’ or greet whenever we crossed each other’s part.

 One day, when he could no longer bear the boredom, he decided to chat me up. We chatted and he asked if he could come over so we could talk, I agreed. He came and brought flowers, fruits and some snacks with him. After eating them, we started talking, he asked “why did you lie to me?”.  I was surprised at his question, so, I asked him to tell me when he felt that I lied to him and he said “you would have told me straight that you don’t want to have sex with me rather than telling me that you haven’t had sex before”. I still couldn’t believe that he was doubting it. Maybe I gave him the wrong impression of a wild girl and I have obviously practiced it with him. He said ‘for someone like me to be able to do all I did to him and still say I am a virgin, then that is a lie’.

        ‘Maybe you are right, because a virgin girl is that naïve type of girl that knows nothing about sex, she doesn’t allow anyone to touch her’. Oluwadamilare, “I am a virgin, am a virgin because no man has ever penetrated me before, although I have had foreplays with my ex but I never allowed him to penetrate me” I said to him.  It was very obvious that he didn’t believe what I just said to him. But he pretended to believe me and said it was fine but he can deflower me if I wanted to, because he is already feeling something special for me.

           So, we started kissing again but I wasn’t feeling that sensation I had felt the first night we spent together, I wanted to tell him but didn’t want to spoil his mood. So, I just allowed him to suckle my breast, I was just massaging him and trying to make him feel okay. When he wanted to take my clitoris to his mouth I bluntly refused and asked him to stop. He said he was already tired of kissing, that all he wants is to feel my body and he would do anything in this world to make love to me (He no longer called it sex).

           He left my room that night even though it was midnight, he left in anger. From that day onwards we would turn out to become just work colleagues. In his mind I didn’t want to have sex with him because I just wanted to maintain my dignity in the office but that wasn’t true but I left him with whatever he wants to think and moved on with my life. And that left me wondering his main intention from the onset when we first started the friendship.

            After the whole dragging with Madison I finally came up with a plan for us to set a day aside to have sex, he agreed and kept the condoms with me so we wouldn’t have any hindrance again and left.

The moment he left, I thanked my stars and promised myself never to repeat such a mistake again because I was very close to losing that which was so precious to me.






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