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Anayo Part 2

As I made to leave, he forcefully pulled my right hand that had swung to his direction when I turned and made for the door handle and the next place I saw myself was on his bed. It happened so fast that I didn’t even get the chance to struggle or push him away. He quickly carried me and threw me to his bed. When I landed on his bed, he came with a full force on my body. I then realized what he wanted to do; he wanted to make love to me. He was going for my lips to start kissing it when I pushed him so hard that he almost hit his head on the glass that was used to decorate his bed side.

I started begging him to let me go. I told him to remember how we used to be and how we started. I began preaching to him, using the whole Bible verses that I had rehearsed during our Bible quiz in the church. It was as though his ears were blocked.
He made to go for my lips again and I pushed him out. I was able to push him out the three times that he wanted to kiss me. When he saw that I wasn’t giving in and I wasn’t going to give in gently, He came again with full force, this time doubling the force he had used and when I tried to push him out again he stretched out his right hand and gave me the hottest slap I had ever received in my life. The slap was hotter than the ones my wicked teacher in primary school used to slap us that we had to nickname him ‘Miss Slapper’; so he won’t know it was actually him that we were calling, that was why we used the ‘Miss’ title.

That slap made me see stars, all those stars that I was wishing to see all my life, came very close to me without stress and that was all thanks to that slap. I was still battling to regain consciousness from the slap when he forcefully started kissing me again, this time his lips weren’t so soft again and they weren’t tasting like cherry; like they used to. He kissed me for close to 30 minutes until I was gasping for breath.

He quickly stood up and I was thinking he wanted to apologize to me but he left and went into his kitchen. When he came out, he came with long ropes cut in different sizes on his hand. I became very confused. When he went to his kitchen I had made to leave immediately but I discovered that the doors were locked. The two doors: the one that lead to his sitting room and the one he calls his escape door, that one was located beside his kitchen. It dawn on me that he was prepared. He had locked those doors when he went to keep the dishes in the kitchen. It was then I realized that when he left me alone and went into the kitchen, he wanted me to know that there was no hope of escaping that night. Because he knew that I won’t give in easily and I will try to escape once I got the chance.
When he came in, he played a loud hip hop music and increased the volume. The volume was very high that you can’t even hear what the person next to you was saying, not to talk of people outside.
I started asking him what he was trying to do? Each time I asked that question , it seemed like I infuriated him the more. The last one landed me with a heavy blow on my left shoulder. I fell flat on his bed. He jumped on me yet again with full force as if we were wrestlers who were struggling for the champion belt. This time he didn’t have luck. For before he could lay on my body I raised my right leg and hit him very hard on his penis that was already very erect, you know how straight and hard an iron that has been sharpen is, that was how erect his manhood was.

When he made a quick recovery from the hit, he slapped me very hard and I started crying. All my bones were already weak, I could barely move a muscle. When he discovered how weak I was, he tied me with the ropes he had brought. He first tied my left hand to the edge of the bed and then my right hand. He came down to my legs, lifted them up and arranged them in a way that will be very comfortable for him to penetrate me, after which he tied each of them separately. I was in serious pains.
I decided to beg him since my struggling wasn’t yielding any good result, all my pleads went to deaf ears. Just like we used to pour water on a stone, hoping it will sink into it. I pleaded with him for 30 minutes, because that was how long it took him to tie me up to the position he wanted. I started reminding him what we went through together, how we used to live, all his promises to me, but it seemed like his mind was all made up.

He started kissing me again, this time very roughly. He would kiss my lips and at the same time be fondling my soft and rounded breast. He continued doing that, maybe hoping I will get wet but I didn’t. He started sucking my nipples and using his hands he was touching and playing with my clitoris, he had already naked me so it was very easy for him to do that to me. When I couldn’t endure his kisses and touching again, I bite his lips with my straight and very sharp teeth. He became very angry and removed his erect penis that was 5 inch long and full. He forcefully inserted it into my vagina and I let out a sharp cry and that was the last thing I remembered.
He had deflowered me and he didn’t even thought to do it gently as he had always told me he would if eventually we get married. He promised he was going to gently lick and suck my clitoris till I beg him to come into me and until he hear my plead and moaning of pleasure, that is when he will gently insert his penis into my vagina. He promised me that all these will be done only on our wedding night and that he will wait patiently for me. But, he lied about all that.

Anayo Part 3

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  1. Ehyaa So pathetic majority of gals out there loose their virginity through the same process some guys re beast in human form….


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