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Anayo Part 3

When I woke, I was facing the ceiling in the hospital emergency ward. The doctor told me that a young gentleman had brought me in and collapsed himself. When I asked him to describe this good Samaritan, he gave me a full description of Anayo the man who had raped me severally as I would later come to know from the doctor. He told me that I was brutally raped for days and when the rapist thought I had died, that was when the young man brought me to the hospital, that was what Anayo told them.

When I asked the doctor where the young gentleman was, he told me he had taken a poisonous substance that killed him few hours after he had brought me to the hospital.
He had killed himself when he thought that I was dead. He brought me to the hospital just for a doctor to confirm my death.
The doctor later told me that when I was brought into the hospital, I was already dead. He told me he confirmed me dead but few minutes after the confirmation, I started breathing fast again and that was when they resuscitated me.

I stayed in the hospital for a month and two weeks. My parents were later contacted a week after I was admitted. My friends also came to visit me. My fiancé was just fuming and wished he was the one that killed Anayo himself. He was also secretly blaming me for going to his house that day and was half telling, half complaining to my mother that he wasn’t okay and that he was finding it very difficult to forgive me for going there but he will keep calm for me to fully recover before he will start with his complains.
Before I was discharged, I heard my mother strictly asking the doctors if I was thoroughly cleaned, and they should make sure I don’t conceive for that beast, ‘beast became Anayo’s new name’.

Three weeks into our planned one month honeymoon in Dubai, I woke up one of the mornings with a very strong feeling to disgorge all that my stomach had within. I first thought it was maybe because of what I had for dinner but it became so strong that I started regurgitating the food I ate the night before that morning. It continued for 20 minutes and when I was done, I had lost all my strength. It wasn’t even up to four months after I was discharged from the hospital. Obi my husband couldn’t stand seeing me so helpless, he quickly carried me to the car and drove straight to the hospital.

Obi, a very tall and handsome looking man, with well built body structure. He was God fearing and very wealthy. Obi has lovely eyes that are as big as that of a panda, very white with a dark pupil, he has the most charming eyes I have ever seen. His set of teeth were very white and well arranged. Obi was every woman’s dream.

With all that happened Obi still insisted on getting married to me even after his family disagreed totally to our union.
We arrived at the hospital very early and was able to see the doctor on duty. He ran a lab test on me and few minutes later he came out with the result, saying “I am three months pregnant”. I was shocked so was Obi too. We weren’t expecting pregnancy until a year after our marriage

When we got back to the place we stayed, My heart started racing because I was thinking of the possibility of the baby being Anayos. When I suggested it to Obi, he told me its not his, that he made sure the doctors washed off everything that he had inserted in me.
The remaining week of our honeymoon was worry filled. Even though Obi was trying his best not to show me how worried he was, I still sensed it in every of his moves. We couldn’t bring ourselves to believe that the baby might be Anayos especially Obi. When our departure day arrived, Obi and I decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we have decided on what next to do. Obi knew that his family will have a strong reason to ask him to divorce me if they knew the baby is Anayos.

Two months after the pregnancy confirmation, Obi decided it was time to tell them about it. We went together to his family house where both my parents and his were already waiting for us, with some of our siblings and relatives.

Obi announced the pregnancy news. At first, everyone was all jumping and singing, some were congratulating us while our mothers were praising God. Until they asked how many months gone I was, it was actually Obi’s mother that asked the question because maybe she remembered the incident with Anayo. The way she paused and asked me the question looking sternly into my eyes, was so sudden that it killed the joy in the room. Obi knew that he had to say something to change the atmosphere back to the joyous and happy way it was.

Immediately, he looked at my mother and said “mama, please forgive me for not waiting until our wedding night before having sex with Okemma”. My mother looked at me and then turned and looked at Obi and said it was fine, since we ended up in marriage it was fine by her. The atmosphere once more turned back to being happy and joyous.

Obi was able to convince them that the baby was his but deep down him, he knew the baby wasn’t his and so do I but we decided it was a secret we will live and die with.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Hmmmm….. Damn… Nice one dear….. Enjoyed every bit of it, kudos baby! I hope we ladies don’t come across wolves in sheep clothing like Anayo.


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