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10 latest cartoon movies to watch this weekend

Most people think cartoon movies or animation movies are just for kids alone but No! No! No! They are also for adults, teenagers and even for old people too.

I love seeing cartoon or animation movies and just like other movies, they have there own lessons to teach and so many other things to learn from it.

These 10 latest cartoon movies are a must watch for mostly cartoon movie lovers like me. They are interesting, lesson filled and fun to watch.

They are:

1. Luca
2. Spirit untamed
3. Wish dragon
4. Raya and the last dragon
5. The Mitchells vs the machines
6. Nezha reborn
7. The croods: A new age
8. Over the moon
9. Secret magic control agency
10. The Willoughbys

1. Luca

Luca is a 2021 movie that was just streamed last month (June). It is an interesting movie that is funny, and lots of lessons can be learnt from it as well. My favorite part was where Luca was told “Silenzio Bruno” when he was having doubts about riding their dream bike. It goes a long way to portray how one can work hard to achieve his or her goals.

Luca is June 2021 Comedy/ Adventure movie directed by Enrico Casarosa, set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Rivera. It is a movie about sea monsters summer adventure in the human world.

  1. Spirit Untamed

Spirit untamed is a family/ adventure movie released in June 2021 and directed by Elaine Bogan and Ennio Torresan. It’s a movie about a young society girl Lucky, who moved to the west to join her father and made new friends including a horse whom she named Spirit. She and her friends later embarked on a rescue adventure. It’s an interesting movie to watch this weekend.

  1. Wish Dragon

Ever heard of Aladdin? Well, this is a different story and plot but a bit similar. Wish dragon is a Chinese – American movie that was written and directed by Chris Appelhans and produced by Jackie Chan, Aron Warner and Chris Bremble. It was initially released in January 2021 in China and then released globally in June 2021.

It is a Comedy/ Fantasy movie about Din who is a working class college student in Shanghai after discovering his teapot had a wish dragon who can make his wishes come true, he decided to make his long wish come true which was to reunite with his childhood friend Li Na.

An interesting movie you should watch.

  1. Raya and the last Dragon

A movie directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada and produced by Osnat Shurer and Peter Del Vecho in March 2021.

It is a family/ fantasy animation movie about Raya who tracks down Sisu, a dragon that used all her magical power and created a powerful gem that destroyed Druun, a threatening evil spirit that turns human and dragon to stone, to help her reunite the kingdom which has been divided because of the gem.

It’s an interesting action animation movie you wouldn’t want to miss watching this weekend.

  1. The Mitchells Vs the machines

The mitchells vs the machines is a comedy/ sci-fi animation movie directed by Michael Rianda, co-directed by Jeff Rowe. It is a 2021 movie about a dysfunctional family who embarked on a road trip to their first daughter film school Katie Mitchell in order for the family to bond more but ended up saving one another and the planet from the new technological revolution.

It is an interesting movie to watch with your pop corn on your hands.

  1. New Gods: Nezha Reborn

News Gods: Nezha Reborn is a 2021 action animation movie that was directed by Zhao Ji, produced by Lu Xi, screen play by Mu Chuan based on the character of Nezha from the ming dynasty novel Investiture of the Gods by Xu Zhonglin and Lu Xixing.

When Li yunxiang discovered he was the reincarnation of Nezha, he must learn to control his newly obtained power in order to protect his family from harm and also to settle a 3,000- year-old grudge with the dragon clan.

It is an interesting action movie you wouldn’t want to miss watching now.

  1. The Croods: A new age

The Croods: A new age is a 2020 family comedy movie and the sequel to the Croods (2013) movie. Directed by Joel Crawford and produced by Mark Swift.

Along their quest of finding a safer habitat, the Croods met the Betterman who were more technologically advanced and evolved than them. They must learn to live like them in order to fit into their paradise.

The Croods: A new age is an interesting movie which you can watch and understand even without watching the first part ( The croods 2013) but to enjoy this movie more, I will suggest you first see the croods 2013 before seeing this one of 2020.

  1. Over the moon

Over the moon is a 2020 family / musical movie that was directed by Glen Keane and written by Audrey Wells.

It’s a movie about fei fei whom after the death of her mother sets out to prove to her father and the rest of her family and town that the moon goddess Chang’e was real. She build a rocket ship to meet the mythical goddess on the moon.

An interesting musical animation movie you should watch and enjoy now.

  1. Secret Magic Control Agency

Secret magic control agency is a 2021 comedy/fantasy movie based on the story Hansel and Gretel by Brothers Grimm. Directed by Aleksey Tsitsilin.

Hansel and Gretel are secret agents who were sent on a mission to rescue the missing king. They must use clever thinking, team work and magic in order to succeed in their mission.

This is an interesting comedy movie you wouldn’t want to miss watching.

  1. The Willoughbys

The Willoughby is a 2020 Canadian-American Comedy animation movie about four old- fashioned siblings who were neglected and emotionally abused by their parents, convinced that they were better off raising themselves venture out into the modern world with their new nanny.

It is an interesting movie directed by Kris Pearn, produced by Brenda Gilbert and Luke Carroll based on the book The Willoughby by Lois Lowry.

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